Lasse Koskela

technology strategist

Lasse is an experienced technology consultant at Reaktor who has designed, built and deployed a variety of solutions for clients in Europe and the US on platforms ranging from backend ecosystems to frontend web applications to native mobile applications. Alongside his work on engineering teams Lasse has trained and consulted world-class companies including Nokia, F-Secure, Nordea, HBO, LG, Nikon and Equinox in making the most of their chosen technologies.

Most recently Lasse has focused on mobile solutions, modern backend ecosystems and technology strategy, working for leading consumer brands in United States and Finland. Some of his special expertise include streaming technologies and his in-depth knowledge of how people and organizations work.

Lasse has also written two internationally published books and has presented his thinking to thousands of fellow professionals in international conferences as well as private gatherings from small businesses to large institutions such as the European Commission.